Tooth Colored Fillings

Colored Fillings

Modern tooth colored fillings are the best choice today for dealing with cavities and minor tooth decay. Tooth colored fillings are more natural looking, more durable and have no known health risks. Because your dentist at Trail Ridge Dental will match the neighboring teeth color, composite fillings are not noticeable like metal fillings. Composite fillings bond more closely to teeth and need little preparation so that makes them more durable than metal fillings. Amalgam (metal) fillings can cause a health risk because of the mercury in them.

Tooth colored fillings are preferred over amalgam fillings. For those that have amalgam fillings, Dr. Sean Visger at Trail Ridge Dental can replace them with composite fillings. Those that have just found they have tooth decay can have tooth colored fillings installed without much preparation. Sometimes a local anesthetic is not even needed. Tooth colored fillings can restore functionality and correct dental issues while being aesthetically pleasing. You will be able to walk back out into Longmont and Johnstown, CO with a restored smile and no one will be able to tell that you have had dental work done. Call Trail Ridge Dental today for a consultation!