Top 3 Reasons Your Teeth May Hurt in the Morning

As unsettling as waking up with sore teeth may be, for millions of Americans, it’s a commonplace occurrence. If this describes you, you may experience mornings accompanied by dull jaw pain and a slight headache, or even localized pain anywhere in your mouth.

Maybe it’s been going on for years, or perhaps it just started this morning. Either way, there are a few very common reasons this may be your reality. Some of these causes can be remedied at home and some may require a little more help.

Why Could This Be Happening?

Night teeth grinding or clenching – As we sleep, we lose control of most basic functions and are vulnerable to subconscious habits like these. Also known as bruxism, this can be caused by several different things, including stress, changes in temperature or dreaming.

This habit can lead to the wearing down of your connecting teeth’s enamel and tooth fractures. Because of the obvious danger to your dental health, it is important to find a solution. Dental guards can be an effective way to control this and stop the damage.

Sleep position – Some positions, whether our face rests on our hands or on a hard object like a bed railing or jewelry, can cause teeth pain upon waking. Changing a lifelong habit like sleep position can be pretty tough, as we gravitate back to our preference once we’re no longer conscious of our actions. It can be done with practice and as our minds are trained to do so. Strategically-placed pillows may also help.

Sinus infection – Inflammation in the sinus cavity can cause pain in the upper teeth, feeling very much like a toothache. It’s best to determine as soon as possible whether the pain is sinus-related or an actual problem with your teeth so that you can get dental care and head off any worse issues.

You don’t need to suffer! Call our office to see if your morning mouth pain necessitates either a dental guard or to find out if you need dental work.


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