The Three BEST things about CEREC Crowns!

There’s no need to worry if you are told that you need a CEREC Crown. We are hard pressed to find anything negative to say about them. When we tried, all we could think of were the ways that CEREC Crowns are amazing, so we put together our three top reasons why they are so wonderful!

1: CEREC Crowns are made in one visit, on location. Meaning they have a better fit than crowns that have to be sent away to a lab where it can’t be checked and fitted to your unique teeth.

2: We have complete control of the size, color, and fit of the CEREC Crown. There is no guess work, no hoping it matches your teeth, and no surprises.

3: CEREC Crowns are strong and metal free! They give you a beautiful smile for a long time.


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