FREE Smile Makeover Consultation

At Trail Ridge Dental in Longmont and Johnstown, CO, we are passionate about helping our patients build the smile of their dreams! There are so many possibilities and options to explore for making your smile beautiful and renewing your confidence. We realize that a brilliant smile can be helpful in so many of life's situations and we have seen the excitement in thousands of patients who have had a smile makeover. Please call today and set up an appointment for a FREE Smile Makeover Consultation. Let us show you what is possible!


What Others Are Saying

Alice M., G+


"The staff at Trail Ridge Dental are very professional and always put my needs first. They are thorough when service is provided and are always there to answer my questions when I may have a concern. Schedules are never an issue. I rate it five stars. My family and I have been customers for several years and I highly recommend them."



"I have been seeing Dr.Visger for many years. Everyone in this office is wonderful. I have also started bringing my young children for their check ups and they are so great at making sure they are comfortable and not scared of having their teeth cleaned."