Protein and Your Teeth Need a Close Relationship

Do you regularly get lean protein? You should. It helps your body in many different ways, such as rebuilding muscle and keeping your body strong. However, did you know that your teeth also need protein?

There are a lot of reasons that you want to make sure lean protein is a regular part of your diet. Here are the top three reasons to make sure your teeth get all the protein they need.

First, Protein Helps Your Teeth Stay Strong

The structure of your tooth is important. It is porous, which means the surface is made up of tiny little holes. These holes get weak without enough protein. This can lead to cracks, breaks, and allow for more decay. You want to make sure to get enough protein to keep the structure strong and protected.

Second, Protein Allows for Proper Tissue Development

Just like protein helps to build up the muscles in your body, it also helps rebuild tissues in your mouth. When your gum gets cut up from chewing something, or when you bite your cheek, the protein helps. It comes in and helps to rebuild those tissues.

Third, Protein Helps Keep Your Immune System Stronger

Most of the germs people get into, come into their body by way of their mouth. This means you need a strong immune system to fight those germs off before they make you sick. By eating plenty of lean protein, you get a strong immune response to germs that come into your body. This prevents you from getting sick as often!

Do you want to learn what else protein can do for you? Then reach out to us. Come in and speak with us at your next checkup or cleaning, and let us explain the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet.


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