How to Prevent Tooth Infections

Having good oral health is critical to avoid serious problems, which can lead to other, more serious health conditions. An infection in the mouth is just as concerning as an infection in any other part of your body, so you should get it checked out as soon as possible.

It may be logical to think that there would be pain with an infection, but that isn’t always the case. So how to prevent tooth infections can help you maintain a healthy mouth and teeth. Let’s look at how a tooth infection happens and how we can take care of it.

Tooth Infections in the Bone

An infection or abscess that is formed around the root of the tooth can be extremely painful or not painful at all. There can be other signs that you have an infection by the root, for instance, swelling and sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

Infections Inside the Tooth

When an infection inside the tooth is present from a cavity for example, the body will naturally try to fight it with antibodies, but these can break down because the blood vessels that help to heal the infection are destroyed causing the pulp tissue to die. If bacteria get inside the tooth, the body may not be able to control the growth of the infection successfully.

Symptoms of an Infected Tooth

Pain is the most common symptom of an infected tooth, but you can also notice pus, tooth movement, discoloration, or irritated gums.

In most cases, a tooth infection requires a procedure such as a root canal, where we need to drill a hole in your tooth and lets the infection drain while under anesthesia. If you have concerns that one of your teeth is infected, please schedule an appointment before it spreads to other teeth or gum tissue.


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