How Is Technology Helping Make Root Canals Easier?

Advancements in technology are also having a positive effect on your dental office today. Everything from diagnostic tools to instruments for root canals are being impacted.

This is making everything easier and less painful than in the past. It’s interesting to look at these things.

X-rays and Diagnosis

Digital, low-radiation x-rays are now producing 2D and 3D photos of your teeth. This is better than the flat view traditional x-rays provide because now we have incredibly detailed views of your facial skeleton and teeth. Scanning these x-rays takes less than a minute and yet you won’t receive any more radiation than with traditional x-rays. We have immediate access to these x-rays which show us the exact location of the infection, so we can visualize the root canal before conducting the procedure.

Microscopes and Loupes

Loupes are high-powered binoculars that are attached to our glasses. We also have specially-designed microscopes that we can position over your mouth to see each tooth’s tiny roots. These are typically so small the naked eye can’t see them. Having this new capability is great because we can now see as we clean out the damaged pulp (nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue) and replace it with biocompatible material that preserves your natural tooth.


Now you’ll be more comfortable because it’s easier for us to numb your tooth. We can also use nitrous oxygen (a.k.a. laughing gas) to make sure you’re even more comfortable while remaining awake throughout the procedure. Today this gas’ effects wears off minutes after we remove the mask.

These advancements are great for us because we can now do a better job. They’re also great for you because you can rest assured that you’re getting the best treatment possible. To start this treatment, call us and schedule an appointment for your root canal today.