Dentures Overview

If you have lost most or all of your teeth to decay, disease, accident or just the passage of time, you absolutely must replace them. It is a cosmetic issue to be sure, but it is also a quality of life issue. Fortunately, Dr. Visger at Trail Ridge Dental in Longmont, CO provides patients with one of the easiest solutions to the issue of lost teeth – dentures.

Though many of us dislike the idea of dentures because of pre-conceived notions about them from past experiences, they are actually quite modern and advanced forms of restorative dentistry. Today’s dentures look convincingly realistic, they do not fall out or click when in use, and they can be made to match remaining teeth.

They can be found as full dentures that slip over the bare gums of the upper or lower jaw, or they can be partial dentures that are inserted into the mouth and use one or more natural teeth as durable anchors. With modern dentures you can also eat and speak entirely naturally.

It is important to understand that dentures will also ensure some other quality of life issues. Though using them allows you to eat hard and solid foods, guaranteeing a happier existence in general, they also preserve your bite. The bite is the way your jaws lined up once all of your adult teeth were in place. If you take one or two teeth out of your bite, it can cause your jaws to misalign. This leads to uneven wear of the remaining teeth, and it can cause issues like TMJ, headache and neck pain.

People who need dentures but who are not using them will often find that their bite has become seriously misaligned. They have jaw pain and discomfort. They may speak differently, and their mouth may not function properly. Most of these threats are alleviated by the use of the dentures.

Finally, though dentures are a key element in restorative dentistry, it is important to always acknowledge their cosmetic benefits. While it is obvious that they let you smile and speak with a mouth full of teeth, they also stop the premature aging that the loss of teeth causes. Without teeth, your face begins to collapse on itself, this ages you and even wrinkles the skin.

Using full dentures or partial dentures alleviates all of the problems we have looked at here. They are excellent at preserving your quality of life and boosting self -esteem. They are not to be dreaded and can be a great solution.

If you have questions about dentures, or wish to discuss your options, give us a call at 303-772-6960. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.


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