Dental Trivia: Baby Edition

Despite popular belief, not ALL of us are born with gummy smiles. One in every 2,000 babies born will be born with a tooth already! Here is some more Dental Trivia about baby teeth. Which ones did you guess right?

  1. Adults have 32 teeth, but how many baby teeth does a typical child have in their lifetime?
  2. a. 32 b. 26 c. 20

  3. Most babies get their first tooth around 4-7 months old. When is it recommended that they see the Dentist for the first time?
  4. a. Right away! b. At a year old c. When the first tooth has fallen out

  5. Baby teeth have no use other than as place-holders for Adult teeth.
  6. a. True b. False.




1. c – 20.
2. b – It is recommended that a child start visiting and becoming comfortable with the Dentist at about one year of age.
3. b – False! Baby teeth are necessary for language development, strengthening the jaw and surrounding bone, and formulating proper digestion in addition to creating the space for their Adult teeth.

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