Dental Emergency Overview

Your mouth is vulnerable. No one ever plans to take a blow to their mouth, break a tooth, or end up with cut gums, but all of these things happen. And when they do, we will be there for you at Trail Ridge Dental in Longmont, CO.

Now, what exactly constitutes a dental emergency?

Discovering a cavity is not an emergency. If you lose a filling, that is also probably not an emergency. If a tooth becomes dislodged though, that is definitely an emergency. What you should do is rinse it off, put it in a container of milk, and call us immediately.

If you have sustained a blow to your mouth that has resulted in serious breakage, that is also an emergency, so again, call us immediately.

A broken wire on your braces does not constitute an emergency, unless it is cutting into your cheek or gums.

Essentially, a dental emergency is anything that causes serious pain or loss of function. So if you believe that you have a dental emergency, call us immediately at 303-772-6960, and we will do everything in our power to get you in to see Dr. Visger as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that dental emergencies do not just catch you off guard – they catch us off guard as well. However, you can trust us to bring you in as soon as we can.

Contact Us

At Trail Ridge Dental, we are here for you for any dental treatments you may need, and in the case of an emergency, we will do all that we can to accommodate you. Call us at 303-772-6970. If you have an emergency outside of regular business hours, use the form on our Contact Us page to let us know what is going on, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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