Dental Crowns Overview

You were not planning on it – no one ever does – but you took a blow to your mouth, or accidentally bit down on something hard and you broke a tooth. What do you do now?

Well, depending on how much of the tooth is missing, you might have to have an extraction. More likely though, a dental crown could solve the problem. As long as no more than 2/3 of your tooth is missing, your dentist can create a crown to protect the underlying structure. You could think of your crown as sort of a protective helmet.

Or perhaps your teeth are misshapen, or discolored. In such cases, crowns can also serve as a cosmetic treatment that gives you back your smile.

At Trail Ridge Dental, making and installing crowns is easier than ever, since it can all be done onsite using CEREC technology. CEREC is an acronym for Ceramic REConstruction. The system consists of a camera, computer software and a milling machine. Dr. Visger takes pictures of your teeth using the camera and then delivers them to a computer. Your teeth, in all their damaged glory, appear on the computer screen. Then, using the data acquired, Dr. Visger chooses a piece of dental porcelain that is colored like the rest of your tooth, and places it in the milling machine, which makes your crown. Basically, all that remains is to prep your tooth a bit, and then cement the crown in place.

Once your dental crown is installed, it will look exactly like the rest of your teeth. It will also be considerably stronger than your existing teeth.

To take care of your crowns, just brush, floss and see us for regular checkups – essentially, do what you would do even if you didn’t have crowns. If you take care of your crowns the way you would your “real” teeth, they will last you a long time.

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