Can Foods Stress Out Your Teeth?

If you ask people the things that can harm their teeth, you will hear about trauma or lack of good dental habits. If you ask them what is good for their teeth, they may include regular visits to the dentist. They do not always think about the impact the food they put into their mouth can affect their teeth.

Some foods provide important health benefits, but there are also foods that stress your teeth and put them in danger.

Making Teeth Work Hard

The teeth in your mouth perform a variety of functions. The most obvious is chewing the food that you eat. What you need to think about is how the food you choose, make your teeth work.

Food that is sticky or tough can put stress on the teeth when you try to chew it. Food that is hard can cause breakage or chipping of the teeth. Food that breaks into small pieces can become trapped between the teeth or the gums.

All these things can lead to tooth damage. Some damage will happen right away, such as chipping a tooth. Other damage may take longer to appear. Constantly chewing tough or sticky food can loosen teeth. Food that gets trapped can lead to bacteria growth.

Other Food Related Problems

Your teeth are among the hardest surfaces of the body, but that does not mean they will always stay that way. Foods high in acids or sugar cam eat away at the enamel of the teeth. They can create gaps and places where bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities can grow. Some foods stick to the teeth and if they are not cleaned become a place for bacteria growth. Hot or cold foods can cause tooth sensitivity and pain.

All these things may scare you from eating any food. That is not the right choice. You need to be aware of the food that you eat and what it does to your teeth to avoid potential problems. Take extra care when chewing some foods and make sure to brush and floss after eating others. Combine this with regular dental checkups and your teeth will survive the stress you place on them.

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