Benefits of Root Canals

It is unfortunate that so many people think of root canal treatments as painful and difficult. They are no more challenging than the average dental filling, and less painful than most other dental procedures. In fact, there are so many benefits of root canals that it is astonishing they have a negative reputation at all! It is why Sean Visger at Trail Ridge Dental in Longmont, CO encourages patients to learn more about his training as an endodontist and how root canals are such a positive and favorable solution.

As your preferred dentist in Longmont, Dr. Visger can offer a long list of remedies and solutions to many dental issues. One of the most commonly used treatments is the root canal, and this is because the many benefits of root canals are so profound. They include:

Saving the tooth – You may not know that the loss of one or more adult teeth can open the door to larger and more challenging problems, but that is just the case. Losing a tooth allows the surrounding teeth to move and shift. This exposes them to new areas where decay can set in, realigns the healthy bite which can cause a host of major problems, and can allow the jaw and gum tissue to recede over time. Clearly, this makes the benefits of root canals impressive because they save that tooth, eliminating any of the problems just listed.

Preserving the bite – Your bite is unique to your teeth and jaws. When you start to chew differently because of a missing tooth or because an adult tooth has decay and is extra-sensitive, it alters the bite. You may experience symptoms relating to the change in the bite, including TMJ (a painful jaw condition), bruxism (teeth grinding), chronic pain, and even damage to the teeth. A root canal ends the pain and sensitivity, enabling the natural bite to be restored.

Keeping the smile natural – When you have a root canal, it is usually topped with a dental crown. This is made to identically replace the original crown, and it will be a perfect match to the surrounding teeth. No unnatural metal filling or missing gaps. Instead, one of the benefits of root canals is that the end result is impossible to detect from healthy teeth.

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Naturally, there are more pros than cons where root canals are concerned. If you have even mild dental pain, the services of an endodontist such as Dr. Visger are invaluable. If you have questions about tooth colored fillings or composite fillings, or wish to discuss more about some of the treatment options listed here, give us a call at our Longmont, CO office at 303-772-6960. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.


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