Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a very commonly used dental solution. They are not crowns in the classic sense – ringing the perimeter of the tooth the way a tiara or crown rings someone’s head. Instead, they are more like a cap that covers the entire area where the natural crown once was. There are many benefits of dental crowns, and Sean Visger at Trail Ridge Dental in Longmont, CO wants patients to understand that crowns are a key part of general and restorative dentistry.

The goal of any restorative dentistry is to treat a tooth or teeth, enabling them to function as fully as possible, and for the “bite” to be preserved too. This is the way your teeth line up and fit together, and changes to it can cause a long list of problems that range from wear and breakage to conditions like TMJ. That is why some of the benefits of dental crowns include the ways that they retain the bite and tooth alignment.

Let’s consider how dental crowns can benefit you:

They allow you to retain the natural tooth – Anything that helps to maintain the health and wellbeing of a natural tooth is beneficial. We are always fortunate to have most of our adult teeth, as this lets our jaw and gum tissue remain healthy and firm, keeps our bite, and provides a higher quality of life. Crowns cover the upper portion of the tooth, eliminating further decay or damage, protecting it over the long term.

They eliminate pain and discomfort – If you have cracked or chipped a tooth or suffered some sort of major decay, the crown is a wonderful way to end all of this pain. Dr. Visger treats the issue and then uses the crown to shield the tooth from any further pain or sensitivity.

They are easy – Dental crowns are very simple and easy to use, and are usually completed in just two office visits. One of the benefits of dental crowns for our patients is that we use the impressive CEREC system that creates crowns while you are in the office, shortening the treatment to just one visit! This guarantees a perfect and flawless fit and identical color matching.

They are durable – Another of the key benefits of dental crowns is that they last for many years (in most cases from 15-30 or more) and let you use the same checkups and cleanings that you rely on for regular dental care.

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